Special offer – UMT 2018 with 5 live webinars

Starting January 2018 we are offering the UMT as a one year running course with five live webinars with Lars-Eric Uneståhl, PhD. The same high quality course with self-practise/-studying, but adding the possibility to attend module-based seminars with the creator of UMT as well as one of the leading authorities in the world on mental training. Each seminar will act as a startup of the four modules (basic mental training, self and goal image training, mental strength training and life quality training) and also as a possibility for the students to ask questions directly to L-E Uneståhl.

The education ends with a sum up seminar focusing on questions from the attending students as well as success stories from the group submitted to Unestahl Mental Training AB. As always the certification itself will be signed by L-E Uneståhl for each of the attending students. The certification will also make clear the students participation in the five live webinars with L-E Uneståhl.

UMT 2018 starts January 20th and ends December 12th.

Sign up for the UMT 2018, by the latest at January 10th 2018.
The price for the course is 790 Euros, meaning the seminars are included in the regular course fee.


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