Do You want to change direction in life?
Do You want to perform better?
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Unestahl Mental Training®

Train your mind with Unestahl Mental Training - An online Course in Self Leadership and Personal Development

Lars-Eric Uneståhl presented evidence based Courses for mindtraining in Sweden for the first time 20 years ago.

The Mental Training course, was initially brought to the Swedish market by Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan – SLH, which is a private University founded 1990 by Lars-Eric Uneståhl, Ph.D. The international equivalent to SLH is Scandinavian International University – SIU, also founded by Lars-Eric.

Over the years, more than 6.000 individuals in Sweden have attended this course. A large number of the students testify to the enormous importance it has had on their welfare and personal development.

The course is provided by Unestahl Mental Training AB – UMT whose main area is education and training in Integrated Mental Training. The course, Unestahl Mental Training®, will lead to an even better professional and personal life for you, your family and your co-workers.

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The online education - Unestahl Mental Training®

UMT® is a competence and life-quality improving online education for everybody regardless of background,
occupation or position and where you decide start day and study pace.

Are you interested in Mind Training?

Do you want to feel better?
Do you want to reduce stress?
Do you want to perform better?
Do you want to change direction in life?

Unestahl Mental Training® gives you tools to train your mind so that you become the person you really want to be – and can be. In the course you learn and train how to promote yourself.

Course content and the time spent

Training consists of 4 modules á 25 IU (7, 5 p), where each module contains DVD lessons, literature, tests, exercises and training programs online. The titles are:

  • Basic Mental Training
  • Self and Goal image Training
  • Mental strength Training
  • Life-quality Training

The Training

The practial Mental Training is carried out by listening to the audio programs. The traditional Mental Training is supplemented with what we call the living experience. It is about questions and information related to everyday life, which is answered and carried out and documented on examination forms.

Tests before & after the training

It is important is that you go through the test  before you start your reading and training. The test is there to provide proper evaluation of your development as a result of the course.

Hence it is necessary to compare with the base values that you have before training begins. After the training ends, you will then use the same test and consider the changes it has contributed to.

Audio, Video & Literature

The audio training programs – covers Basic Mental Training, Self and Goal Image Training, Mental Strength Training and Life-quality Training.

Literature – The course contains eight e-books written by Lars-Eric Uneståhl.

Video Lessons – Each training module contains two video lectures. All lectures are recorded at the Mälardalens University, Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Written Exam & Certification

You can choose to read the course for your own sake, without examination. You can also choose to read and do the examination and obtain a certificate as proof of your approved training. After each module you will do an exam.

Exam is reviewed through non regulated PM writings and a number of tasks, tests, exercises and special tasks. Examinator is Lars-Eric Uneståhl. Certificates are issued by Scandinavian International University.

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