UMT® Course Presentation

Unestahl Mental Training® is a competence and life-quality improving distance online education for everybody regardless of background, occupation or position, where you decide when to start and your study pace.


Course content and the time spent

Training consists of 4 parts á 25 IU (7, 5 p), where each module contains video lectures, literature, tests, exercises and audio training programs. The titles are:

  • Basic Mental Training,
  • Self and Goal image Training
  • Mental strength Training
  • Life-quality Training


The UMT® is designed as a one year half-time study program. As a student you can however complete the UMT® in less than one year. UMT® can be completed within six months. The training is planned for 185 days.

However, there are advantages to extend the course over a longer period of time. The reason for this is the process to reflect, integrate, allowing knowledge to become skills etc. If read at half speed the course takes one year, and two years on quarter speed.

Course Instructions

The introduction is intended to give you an overview of the training, and knowledge of the principles underlying this way to study. The instructions are there to introduce you to the training and to serve as a guideline during training.

Read the of introduction before beginning with books, videos and training programs. In addition to that you are studying literature and video lectures; you will also train and develop yourself to greater personal, social and professional skills.

TEST #1 and TEST #2

It is important is that you go through the test  before you start your reading and training. The test is there to provide proper evaluation of your developments as a result of the course. Hence it is necessary to compare with the base values that you have before training begins. After the training ends, you will then use the same test II and consider the changes it has contributed to.


The practial Mental Training is done by listening to the recorded programs on the online platform. The traditional Mental Training is supplemented with what we call the living experience. It’s about questions and information related to everyday life, which is answered and carried out and documented on examination forms.

Literature and Video Lectures

The course contains eight e-books written by Lars-Eric Uneståhl.

Video Lectures – Each training module contains two video lectures. All lectures are recorded at the Mälardalens University, Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Written Exam

You can choose to read the course for your own sake, without examination. You can also choose to read and do the examination and obtain a certificate as proof of your approved training. After each module you will do an exam.

Exam is reviewed through non regulated PM writings and a number of tasks, tests, exercises and special tasks.

PM as Exam form

Examination of this training is done by PM; it is important to show how knowledge becomes skills, i.e. what are your thoughts about the content and, above all present how you applied information and applied knowledge. The PM can cover about 2-6 typed A-4 pages. We focus on quality not quantity. We have chosen PM writing as exam form because it has an added value in addition to just being an exam form. The shape of the exam has a positive impact on the development process that you will undergo during training. The skill development that is intended is of course obtained first and foremost through exercise, practice, application and training but you are also developed by expressing your process of change in writing.

Send your exam forms and other material to Unestahl Mental Training AB by e-mail. All forms can be found on the platform online. All instructions are on the platform.


Mental Training Practitioner

To get your certificate as Mental Training Practitioner, all the forms
and other tasks should be presented and approved by Unestahl Mental Training AB including the last task that is a final evaluation of the entire course. Examiner is Lars-Eric Uneståhl. Certificates are issued by Scandinavian International University together with Unestahl Mental Training AB.

Download the UMT Brochure

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