About us

We provide individuals and organizations in the world with the course Unestahl Mental Training®, training materials and seminars in Mental Training.

Mental Training provides personal development . Personal development is the basis for organizational development.

  • Our vision is education and Training for a Better World.
  • Our mission is to provide the market with effective, proven and readily available programs and courses in the Mental Training.
  • Our goal is that everyone feels and function better in personal and professional life.
  • We guide individuals, groups and organizations in their development. With the evidence-based course Unestahl Mental Training®, anyone can design their own development.

You can read the whole course to yourself, without subjecting them to any degree. You can also see the course as part of your professional development. Diploma as a Certified Mental Trainer practitioner gives you a platform for your personal leadership. Certificate is also an asset in your resumé.