Randomly collected course evaluations from more than 6000 students who have attended
the Unestahl Mental Training® since it started in 1987 in Sweden.

You become more skilled in how to live your life and take responsibility and at the same time have fun. You decide for yourself how, where and when you want to study. There is nothing that compares to UMT® pedagogically.

— Christer

It’s the best course I have taken! The positive effects of the course last long after the course has finished. The mental training has become such an important part of my life, because it makes me feel so much better. When I feel better it also affects the rest of my family in a positive way – they feel much better too! For me, a mother with young children, the course is perfect. I decide for myself when and how to work with the UMT® course. If my children are ill on a particular day, I just continue with the course on another day.

— Ingrid

It is for everyone who wants to develop themselves. The course demands that you are interested, motivated, and have the time. If you are not willing to prioritize yourself you will not achieve your best in developing yourself.

— Leif

You will get a new life! You will change your values, thoughts, feelings and way of being to become the one you want to become, and it will feel natural. You will get a greater perspective on life, realize that you are part of something bigger and that you and your qualities are important and needed. You will become a better person and fellow human being.

— Caroline

Nowhere else will you find a course that is so useful and adaptable to your day-to-day life. The course is unique with its combination of lessons, practical exercises, but overall it is your own 100 % effort put into it that will lead to your success. Being able to take the lessons when it’s most suitable and at your own pace is the way to success.

— Bengt

The course content is so challenging, rewarding and developing. A very good mix of theory and practice. The course integrates well in your everyday life. Practicing is crucial if you want to reach success.

— Cecilia

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