Video Lectures

The Video Lectures in the UMT® Course

1. Basic Mental Training

Mental Training
Proficiency Training
Relaxed Effectiveness and Efficiency
To grow as a Human being
Basic Mental Training
States of Consciousness
Integrated Mental Training
Success Factors
Factors of Life Competence

2. Self image and goal image

Self-Image Training
Obstacles to Change
Motivation – The Core of Life
Goal Analysis
Goal-Directed Life Planning
Applied Motivation
The Ideal Performance
The Ideal Relationship

3. Mental fitness training

Training of memory
Creativity Training
Attitude Training
Mental Blockages
Creative Problem Solving
Life-long development – Part1
Life-long development – Part2
Life-long development – Part 3
Dare to speak
The developing Self- Insight
The New Life Style

4. Life quality training

Stress Management
The Wisdom of the Body
Body and Mind
Mind and Body
Against All Odds
The World of Laughter
Joy of Life and Life Quality
Positive Life Style
Evaluation & Follow-up

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